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Heat Pump Water Heaters in Reno, NV

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Heat pump water heaters are powerful new systems that use the atmospheric heat that surrounds the system to keep it nice and hot. When you sign up with Powell Heating & Air Conditioning for heat pump water heater services, you get reliability and customer service that exceeds expectations.

  • Our water heaters are built to last.
  • We’ve proudly served Reno, NV for 40 years.
  • We always work to exceed customer expectations on every job.

It’s time to jump into the 21st century with a revolutionary new heat pump water heater provided by a team of licensed professionals. Call us for a free estimate today!

Contact Powell Heating & Air Conditioning for specialized heat pump water heater support.

Heat Pump Water Heater Installation

A heat pump water heater installation should never be done by a homeowner or an amateur. These systems require a very unique set up which only a licensed professional truly knows how to complete properly. We do everything by the book here, and we can get your heat pump water heater system set up how you want it. Just call us today.

Heat Pump Water Heater Replacement

Heat pump water heaters still use a tank system to keep the water hot, which means they can corrode after two decades of dutiful service. When that happens, you can count on us to provide you with a heat pump water heater replacement!

Heat Pump Water Heater Repairs

Does your heat pump water heater need a quick fix? We provide both heat pump water heater maintenance, as well as comprehensive heat pump water heater repairs that get the job done.

Filtration Systems and Softeners

For homeowners looking for something a little different, we install and maintain filtration systems and water softeners. From state-of-the-art reverse osmosis systems to filter your water, to a high-tech Halo 5 Water Filtration System, you can get started by calling us today.

Serving the Reno Area and Surrounding Community Since 1978